Logins: Public to View. Login to Post. Possible?

It seems if Login is enabled, Glide requires all users to login to see all parts of the app.

How do we make it like any other user generated site? No login or account should be required to view site content and user generated posts. (Forum, Classifieds, etc)

A login and account creation is ONLY needed to post content. Is this possible?

You can keep your app public. Users can still sign in through the side menu, or they can sign in with a button that has a sign in action. You can set several conditions to only show components, or perform actions based on values in the user profile, such as ‘email is not empty’, which would indicate that a user is signed in if there is an email.


@Jeff_Hager to the rescue again. Thanks man. Got it now.

I’ll send you a pic of my “Saved by Jeff Hager” shirt. :joy:


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