Login Screen

Hello! Is it possible to place more information on this screen?

Not yet

Thanks. Can you tell me how can I assign for new user a role during registration ?!

Are you assigning it or are they self assigning?

I would like to implement that at registration the user is automatically assigned a role

If you’re planning on assigning some roles Manually (like admins) and others automatically, I’d probably use an if-then-else. Create a template column with the default Role. Create a second column where you’ll enter manual roles (anything but the default). Create a third column — the if-then-else column— that will check if the second column is empty. If it’s empty then display the first template column (default role) otherwise displayed the second manual column. This IfThen column becomes the Role column you’ll use for future visibility and conditional checks.

Thank you! I made three checkboxes: “admin”, “seller”, “viewer” and, by default, made myself all administrator, but I would like to wright new users to “viewer” after regist

Gotcha. I guess you could do it that way, but I’d get rid of the Viewer column. Still create the If then else column that will check if those other two columns (seller and admin) are true. If SELLER is true, then “Seller”; if ADMIN is true, then “Admin”; else “Viewer “.

Thank you Robert!