Location permission VS "use my current location" component?

There can be lots of use cases. For example, maybe you want to mark your location to share with others, or mark a point of interest to share. Maybe use it for an Uber type of app, or for delivery. Typically it would be used to mark a static location to later show on a map or share with others, much in the same way that you store addresses for your salons and show them on a map. I have a bit of an unorthodox app that I use as a GPS. I use the location component to get and show my current location on a map, as well as a destination, along with bearing and speed (using some geo based math). Live Location - not for production use - #24 by Jeff_Hager

Correct. With your use case, I wouldn’t think that there would be a need to store the location of your users, unless you wanted the ability for your users to store a static location, such as their home, and then show distances from their home location instead of the current location of their device.

I think this would simply be a filter added to your collection to show salons that are within a certain distance. Just filter based on the distance column.