Live Location - not for production use

It was a fun challenge and I had it pretty accurate and able to dynamically move the 3 points, so the tri-lateration always kept up and I always had an accurate location because I would always be within the 3 points. The only problem is, I think glide has a bug somewhere where javascript crashes and can’t recover, so the app would halfway stop responding after a few minutes. I had put Try Catches in the code, but there would still be a hard crash somewhere.

Now, the newer Location component in glide will dynamically track your live location, so my code isn’t really needed anymore. I’ve since created a new version that uses the new Glide Apps. It’s a lot simpler and more stable. I also have it calculating a bearing from target to destination and I’m close to having it accurately calculate live speed and compass bearing of the user. Some Glide limitations are getting in the way, but I think I have an idea to get past that.

If I use this for anything, it will be geocaching, but other than that, it’s just a fun project to see what I can do with complex math.