🧭 Location Component


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This is game changing.

Apps now have the ability to be more social. I have several concept apps Sketched out that can now be developed because of this new feature.

Glide team—A+

Love how you empower us!

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Is there a Special Value for collecting location on submission?


Great!! I was waiting it :slight_smile:

I’m guessing the intention is to make the user aware that their location is being obtained, so it’s a switch as opposed to automatically obtaining the location behind the scenes like the special values do.



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Makes sense.

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This is gamechanging!
And glad it became a paid feature!

Like it - Definitely makes location sharing options more ‘visible’ to the user

This is excellent.
Can you please add a required field to this.

I want to make this field required in some cases.


Great feature.
Unfortunately, it can’t find my location. retrieving location keeps spinning.
installed the app, Location service is on, latest iOS no VPN!
Works fine in editing mode.
any idea @Mark ?

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This is great. Can you clarify what “Enter 10 Locations in the Free App” means. Is that 10 forms submitted that contain a geolocation or something different?

You are only able to have 10 locations data taken from your app per month if you are on a free plan.


But what is considered a location data? I have a free app, and I just entered 15 form entries that used the location option and did not receive any notice of error or restrictions.

Can you clarify what “Enter 10 Locations in the Free App” means.

@Ed_Pietrzak I missed this. Where did you read this information?

(When it comes to displaying pin locations on a map, in the free plan I believe you are limited to 10 pins if the attribute contains addresses and you are not limited in the number of pins if they are based on coordinates.)

@nathanaelb When I put it in as a component in the app, I am presented with this message.

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Just great! My wife leads summer children camp and they do a lot of Qwest games. Now we will help them do it digital :smile:

Hi Jack :slight_smile: Would it be possible to use the Distance Computed Column updates to plot a point on a map with a marker indicating the user’s current location and continuously update the marker to a new location as the user moves?

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Hey, Were you able to use this feature, as for me as well it does not work and keeps spinning. Not sure if i am missing something.