Local storage prompt on login

Hi there.

On logging in to Glide (or after click the ‘Open Glide’ button) I get the following prompt in Safari:

“Do you want to allow “https://go.glideapps.com” to use up to 1.2 GB of storage on your Mac?”

I can choose ‘Don’t Allow’ or ‘Allow’ - I’ve not allowed it yet.

I’m sure this is safe and not a security issue, but I wondered if someone here could reassure me?

It’s the first time I’ve seen it and haven’t come across this while building apps with other no-code builders. The support chat bot says it’s fine but it’s somehow not as reassuring as coming from a human :laughing:


I have never seen this. Do you have any insights @NoCodeAndy?

Thanks @ThinhDinh

I actually heard back from George on the support team yesterday who looked into this. He couldn’t replicate it his side either, and suggested it might be due to some specific setting I have in Safari. I cleared the Glide cache/cookies and was able to login without the prompt.

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Good to hear! Thanks for updating.

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