Load a default image when not picked

Can you record the bug in action from the builder?


What happens if you upload that image to Glide’s storage, and then use that new url as the default? Does that make a difference?

An alternative would be to use an IF column that checks if the image column is empty. If it is not, then return the value from the image column, else return the default image url. Then use that IF column wherever you need to display the image.

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if i put url to picture in Glide storage - same blank cell.

using if-then - good clue i guess. (not sure, that addition computed column will not affect on speed of app, if there will be a hundred rows)
but it’s tryin to avoid a bug. bug that exist too much time :frowning_face:

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Yes, it will have about the same effect that adding one drop of water to the ocean will have in raising the global sea level :wink:

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I guess it’s a bug considering the default is available as an option. Unless it’s not supposed to be an option??? But I don’t see any reason why it shouldn’t work. The weird thing is that I would expect the image to show up in the image picker immediately when you open the form. The fact that it remains empty seems to be the issue.