Hello everyone,
I am looking for a long time a simple way to make a personnal tennis Livescore from a Google sheet that I could use when I am on tour with the kids of my club …
The idea would be to have something very clean and simple.
1 line for 1 match with : the Name of my player - the opponent (or his ranking) - the court location - the score (best of 3 sets - that I could update from the sheet or maybe with the app?)
I would like to have on the left side the hour of the game too. Just once for a group
of games if possible. On each line if not.
Thank you very much for any kind of help :slight_smile:
Lionel from France

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Bienvenue à bord de la communauté Glide :slight_smile:

Hi Lionel, do you want to update the score every point, every game, every set or just after each match is done?

Hello Rayo, thank you for your reply.
I would like to use it during our summer tournaments tour.
We are about 7/8 coachs moving on a site were about 25 matchs a day are played, sometimes 10 in the same time.
The idea is to update the scores when we want and when we can on a game by game pattern I think (even if it could be sometimes an entire set update).
The goal of that livescore would be for each coach to follow every scores just like all the players, familly and friends too.

Hola @Lionel_Janus

I do not play or understand tennis at all but I gave a go to what you wanted. Or at least I think I did.

Take a look at this app and see if it is what you need/want.

The table, I made it using @Darren_Murphy’s explanation here.

I am sure that it can be done in a more dynamic way.


Thank you for your reply it is very appreciated :slight_smile:
I am looking for something much closer that simple livescores you can find on the web like this one for ex : Match de tennis en direct : Résultats de tennis en live

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I think the best way is to have the score table on the first screen. I think this is doable but you need to use CSS to create the score table. I am not an expert on CSS and/or tables but maybe @Darren_Murphy or @Manu.n could give you an idea on how to create a dynamic table.

The rest is easy if you don’t mind adding the score manually.

Bonjour @Lionel_Janus

Small question: do you already have an application so there is only the display of the scrore to do or is it just an idea for an application?

At this point this is just an idea :slight_smile:
I have found the Glide site yesterday through Google and just tried a few things from my Google sheet but as I am not en expert at all I have put this idea on the map :slight_smile:

This is the closest I can get without having to tweak the table to make it look like the one on the website you shared.

@Manu.n you can copy the app if you would like to help him some more. Sets 4 and 5 are not integrated to the inline action. I could give it a go later if nothing else is done.


Hi @SantiagoPerez
there is no basic result table in your application?

No basic tables at all.

I hadn’t seen the title click to display the results table.

Unfortunately I don’t have a lot of time, but as soon as I can I watch this :slight_smile:

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Hi Santiago
Can you did the same thing for football tournemant ? Thanks

Hola @adiboo_adib

Football tournament?? Sorry not a fan of Football :football: or Soccer.

What exactly are you looking for ?

Hi Lionel, im sorry haven’ had the time to work on this much other than what i started, but if this is similar to what you want, i’l try to do more on it before your October tournament.


Thank you Rayo. This is great indeed.
Can’t wait to see the next improvements :slight_smile:
By the way I think the featured matchs is a great screen! Do you plan to add a star ou heart icon to mark a match as a favorite and add/remove it from the featured page matchs ?
Take care,

Thanks for tour reply
I need the possibilty to create teams match , add score, the ranking, the winner Will have 3 points, draw 1 point loose 0 points.
The semi final with 4 teams, the final with 2 teams, and the winner.

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I’m a bit busy but if I get some time I’ll put something together.

OK no problem i’m wainting thanks