Links not displaying spaces with multiple file column as source

Probably more of a feature request than a bug as I think this was the behaviour from day 1…

Files uploaded to a multiple files column don’t display spaces correctly in the app - they seem to show the raw file name from the link which includes “%20” where each space should be. In the same situation but for a single file uploaded to a URL column, the URL in the database also shows “%20” for spaces but it displays the actual space correctly in the app.

In the image below, notice the difference between the “multi-file” file picker and link component which point to the multiple files column, versus the one titled “url” which points to the URL column.

I’m not sure that qualifies as a bug. The multiple file column returns an array of URLs. The %20 that you see is a urlencoded representation of the space. This ensures that the URL is valid and will load without errors. Most browsers will handle spaces and urlencode them on the fly, although I don’t think this is guaranteed behaviour.

Is it just the aesthetics of it that you object to, or is there some other problem?

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Yeah I thought so.

It’s just the aesthetics…didn’t want to have to tell everyone to name their files with underscores or dashes.

Why is it that a single URL shows spaces as spaces but the multiple file column adds “%20”?