Link to Screen Via Tiles

Would love to see this implemented. Tiles option looks great for the user’s first screen. Or instead of a Glide admin clicking on Tiles, either having a Link to Screen style or component option that makes it easier to display images as Tiles and link to screens AND set the number of screens they’d like to link to. Or something that functions like the current table component, where instead of adding a row, the app maker can click on the “Add Link to Screen” and label it, assign the screen to be linked to, and apply an unique image for that tile. Not sure if this is the best way to think about implementing it, but I thought I’d throw it out there for the experts to think about. At the very least, it seems like Link to Screen is a feature that’s worthy of more attention for app creators wanting to link to another tab they’ve created.

I don’t know… your thoughts?

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I think such a feature would be fantastic - and I advocate for it:-) Please vote for the feature in the feature request app.


I will, thanks!

Ok. After almost an entire year of working in Glide and creating 3 dozen apps, I finally, tonight, came across this scenario where I need tiles to link to screen. I don’t see any other way of achieving what I’d like to achieve.

I can get away with external links, but since there isn’t deep linking yet, I’m stuck with images linking to screens which destroys the aesthetics of the app.


I know I’ve mentioned this before, but it is kind of possible as long as you only have 1 tile per row. You can just create multiple relations and mutiple inline lists that stack together and have the illusion of a single list, but it will not work if you want multiple columns of tiles. Not knocking the idea @Krivo :wink: , I know you’ve fought hard for this one. Just giving a bit of an alternative that works in some situations.

@Jeff_Hager I will keep fighting :slight_smile: And I think that you will keep suggesting work-arounds - which is so valued in the community. Keep up this fantastic drive!!

@Robert_Petitto Looks like I got an allied - very appriciated. Maybe we should have a visual mockup to show the potential. I have never got around to do that :expressionless:

@Krivo hehe, I will admit that I can see the value of it and have probably ran into situations where it would be beneficial. :wink: .