Link to project / todo page

i have a system where a user can create todos or projects and so on.
I have the problem, that I did not find a good solution how to link to the todo. So someone opens a new form screen… and creates a todo… How can I now safe the direct link of the todo directly in the table? I think there is a trick which I do not know?

Can you explain more? Do you mean you want the URL of the to-do task?

exactly, I want the URL of the TODO Task… so when I create a new todo it would be nice if I can directly generate the URL of the new entry. @ThinhDinh

Are you on the new Glide Apps? A convenient thing is that the URLs in the new Glide Apps would follow a consistent format, which contains the rowID of the row at the end of each URL. I assume you can check that and create a template column accordingly to combine the “fixed part” and the “rowID”.

The below might help:

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