Link broken to example CMS app

On the example app “Build Your Own CMS + Online School” by @JackVaughan , the link to the “follow along” sheet is broken

Broken link:

PS - Jack awesome binge-worthy tutorial, curious if you know of how many users,courses, etc this app could support using Glide

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Yea we had an issue with one of our domains. We are fixing it at the moment cc @sebastiansolari

Thanks for the speedy reply - I purchased the template anyway, when I change the authentication to Public with email and then sign in as a new user, why does the user appear as “” instead of “

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OMG , I am drooling over the possibilities here. Only real concern is two things:

  • How “big” can the app be in terms of content, users, activity, etc
  • Seems like the only way to get data into the app is from “inside the app” - I though I read that Zapier updates to sheets do not appear in the app.

My scenario is:

  • Person purchases a course on an external CMS platform
  • Zapier adds user email to sheet or changes their status from free to premium

Is that possible?

You guys are awesome - where have you been all my life!!

For Pro plans, the advertised limit is 25,000 rows. This is across all sheets/tables including both GSheet rows and Glide Table rows.

No, that’s not correct. Any changes made to your GSheet will eventually sync with Glide and be reflected in your app. How quickly that happens depends on a few factors.

Yes, absolutely possible.

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Sorry for all of the questions. But how does the “user specific” fields like favorites, count toward the limiits - I dont see where this is stored in the sheet

Only rows count towards the limit, not columns.
Also, computed columns (including user specific columns) only exist in Glide. You won’t see them in your GSheet.

Don’t be shy about asking questions, that’s what the community is here for :wink:


Thanks @Darren_Murphy - you are my hero today!!

So if I have a user specific column - let’s say “rating” for a ‘course’ (like in the example) - as an “admin” or owner of the app, how can I easily see all user ratings (same for Emoji column type - which I am loving for getting “Reactions” from my users)

Unfortunately there is no way to access user specific data directly for all users.
But, there are alternatives:

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Glide should actually be paying you guys for keeping this community as pleasant as it is… :hugs::wink:


Being able to assist people day-to-day is already a big “payment” for me :wink: