Limite de 25000 lignes

Bonjour, je suis sur un projet communautaire et je voudrais savoir que ce passe t’il si je prend l’offre à 32€/mois et que je dépasse les 25000 ligne ? Est-ce qu’il y a une offre qui a un nombre de ligne illimité ?

Cordialement !

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Welcome to this community. I am not a moderator of this forum, nor a Glide developer, but I can tell you that I am sure that it is not technically possible to exceed the 25000 rows limit using google sheet. I can say this because I also made this type of request some time ago. However, waiting for the Glide developers to offer us in the future the possibility of managing larger projects thanks to more performing databases, I can tell you that this limit can be circumvented through the use of certain precautions, this obviously is very related to the type of project you have to develop. If you describe your project a little, both me and other developers will probably be able to give you some good suggestions in this regard. Ciao!


Bonjour et merci pour votre réactivité ! Mon projet consiste à créer une liste de garage avec des véhicules bien précis à l’intérieur pour des collectionneurs de voiture ! Donc si j’ai 20000 client qui ont plus de 10 voitures cette limite sera dépassé. Comme j’ai décidé de proposer à mes clients une application gratuite pour gérer leur parc automobile de collection et que mon budget est limité, quelle solution pouvez vous me proposez?

I ran tests on my account, where I have +175,000 rows available and it is possible to reach 50,000 rows for each table on the google sheet.

here’s in the video when i show it.


I believe you and I am happy to know this because it makes me feel more comfortable, but if the stated limit in the plan is 25,000 rows, and also the technical support confirms the same thing, I would ask myself a few questions.
Maybe I will be too cautious, but as far as I’m concerned I prefer not to develop an application by putting it at risk of not working one day.

Just to look for other ways … Could you split the database on several sheets? In an application that I developed I had a similar problem to yours, so I created some scripts that allow my APP to work with temporary data on a daily basis which are then stored in another historical spreadsheet (not accessible from the main APP) .
For example, vehicle data could be retrieved from the other spreadsheet temporarily to allow management; then saved updated. I know it’s not the best because this case would involve the use of triggers in apps script (it complicates development and response times must be managed) … but it could be a way.


Selon @Mark qui travaille pour Glide, Glide en tant que plateforme gère bien le volume d’utilisateurs, peut-être moins bien le volume de données à charger sur chaque appareil.


  1. As-tu penser à utiliser Glide Tables à la place de Google Sheets ? Glide Tables scale bien mieux.
  2. As-tu penser à bien utiliser Row Owners (et non des filtres de visibilité) pour que chaque appareil ne télécharge que ses données et non celle de tous tes utilisateurs ?

According to @Mark who works at Glide, Glide scales well with number of users, possibly less so with the amount of data downloaded to each device.


  1. Have you considered using Glide Tables instead of Google Sheets? Glide Tables scale better.
  2. Are you using Row Owners (and not filtering with the visibility feature) so that each device downloads only the data for that user and not that of all users?