Limit content displayed based on UniqueIDs

Hi everyone!

I’m currently building my 1st app using glide - a bill sharing app and I’m stuck on the display of content part for a few days and couldn’t find any info here!

The app requires an email to sign-in, and the user is automatically prompt to set up a profile and create/join a group with the use of a uniqueID (thanks @Robert_Petitto)

How can I display content (receipts) to several users that share the same “group” UniqueID?

Thanks all!

Filter visibility by UID=the id

Thanks for the quick reply @Pablo_books. I can’t seem to make it work.

The UID on that table “Expenses” is a lookup value and therefore I’m only shown:

The “original” UniqueID is in another table “Private Groups”

I’m not sure what you are looking up, but it’s most likely on top of a multiple relation, so you won’t have additional filters beyond empty or not. You can change the relation to a single relation to get more options on the filter.

@Jeff_Hager I’m using a single relation in this table

and I’m looking up the Group_id which is generated in the table “Private Groups”

Is there any chance it was a multiple relation at one point in time? I’m thinking a browser refresh or recreating the lookup column should work.

So I was doing a lookup into another lookup - I now can see the multiple options. Thanks @Jeff_Hager.

Although following @Pablo_books’s advice, to filter visibility by “UID = the id” still displaying content that does not belong to the user signed-in (4th item in the list), any ideas?

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After following @Pablo_books’ and @Jeff_Hager’s suggestions it worked perfectly!
Thank you both!