Leveraging a query for a conditional value

I’ve created a query that looks for every item in which Column1 contains Value1 AND Column2 contains Value2. Now I want to leverage that in an ITE column to say “If this row is within the results of the query, return ValueA, otherwise return Column1.” I have tried a few different ways to do that but can’t seem to find a way to do it. Am I missing something simple, or is it harder than it sounds…?

Without seeing your exact setup, can you try, If Query is not empty, Value A. If not, Column 1?

Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately, that doesn’t work because the Query returns values (the same values) in each row. So there are no empty rows for that column.

EDIT: but what did work is a second query, using the first query as the source and then filtering using the “query this row” feature. Now, using the second query, your method works.

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Yes, I was going to say that you could query a query. Or, could you just add a 3rd filter in your original Query and do an ITE column where if RowID is not included in Query, then ValueA?


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