LEFT Formula

Hi, I am trying to write a formula like this
=LEFT(A1, FIND(“.”, A1, FIND(“.”, A1) + 1) + FIND(“/”, A1) - 1)


=JOIN(“/”, ARRAYFORMULA(SPLIT(A1, “/”)[1], SPLIT(A1, “/”)[2]))

Are these the only function supported in Glide Tables: LOG, ABS, MIN, MAX, FLOOR, CEILING, ROUND, TRUNC, ASIN, COS, ACOS, ATAN, MOD, SECOND, MINUTE, HOUR, DAY, WEEKDAY, MONTH, YEAR

I am trying to take this URL Fabric Sofas | Bespoke Sofas - Made to Measure | Sofa.com and remove everying after the “/” the comes after the second “.” to leave the homepage URL of any website https://www.sofa.com


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Use the Get Part of URL column to extract the host. That will give you www.sofa.com.
You can then use a template to prepend the https:// if necessary.

You could also use the Extract Matching Text column with an appropriate regular expression, but personally I wouldn’t bother with that in this case.

That’s what’s supported in the Math column, but there are a whole plethora of other computed column types that allow you to do almost anything that you can dream up :slight_smile:


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