Leave management/calendaring function?

Hi all,

New user to Glide. Was wondering if Glide is suitable for creating an app to keep track of leave for my employees? Are there any calendaring functions built in? Thank you.

Hi Ming,

Here’s my idea on how this can be achieved:

  • Have a tab with a form component where your users can input their leave date, add in the form an email capture (must enable sign-in method) so that each record has an email and associated leave date. You may want to add in a lookup column for their name as well.

  • In another tab, create a calendar view to show which employer requested a leave in which day, using the data you captured via the form.

Hopefully it’s clear enough.

Thanks for the pointers Thinhdinh! How do you create a calendar view? I did not see a calendar component. How much would you charge for building an app like this?

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Please contact me via email: ariesarsenal@gmail.com to discuss further. Thanks a lot!