Learn to glide source files

I’m going through the learn to glide video’s which are very useful.
However in order to recreate the scenario’s and examples I can’t find the link to the google sheet and Airtable source files.
Am I missing something or is this simply not there?

Many thanks!

Have you copied any of the free templates?
If you’re following @JackVaughan 's course, I think it’s a paid template.
You can find them here: Templates • Glide

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I’m following these: Learn to Glide
Some of them refer indeed to templates but others are just based upon Airtable / Google sheet pages. It’s not that I need the template it’s the databases that would be most useful for the course.

Hey @Tim_Gestels we will get better at providing this. Which one are you looking for and I’ll get that to you now.

Hi @JackVaughan I’m going through the full course Learn to Glide it’s addictive ;-). I only think I would be much faster if I would have had the Airtable and google sheet source files. For the ones I have done it doesn’t matter anymore so it’s more a suggestion for other people that come after me. I’m currently in the “Watch & Learn” section Mobile Store. Some of them I already found on Airtable but it would be good you refer to them I think.

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I’ll get this to you today.

@Tim_Gestels here you go. We’ll make sure this is more available on our new docs & LMS. But for now, this will have to do!

I’ll get one of our team to put links to these in each YouTube video description as well. Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.


Hi Jack, great support work here! Thanks!