Leaderboard issues

Hi all. I’m new to Glide and while following Bob Pettito’s tutorials, I had an issue with the leaderboard demonstrated in this video: Gamify your Glide App #4: Badges and Leaderboards - YouTube around 28 minutes

Whenever two or more people have the same number of XP, they both have big profile pictures on the leaderboard as the sheet identifies both of them as the XP leader. Is there a way to only show one XP leader as the big image and show the other users with the same number of XP with the other users (as a small image)? Thank you :smiley:

I just scanned through the video really quick, but I think what you could do is create a multiple relation that links that max xp column back to itself. This would give you a relation with the all the users that have the max xp. Then you create a single value column to get the first user/userid out of that relation. Finally you create another multiple relation that links the user/userid in the single value column back to the main user/userid column in the sheet. This should give you a multiple relation, but with only a single user. This final relation will be what you use for the inline list with the big picture.


Thank you for the advice!

Edit: Works like a charm! :partying_face:

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