Launching my Beta Version of my Portfolio

Hi :slight_smile: As it’s too tedious for you to test in comment mode, I decided to publish and launch my porfolio as a bêta version.
So you can even test it with your mobile.

It’s still in French only, but you can play with my elevator to enjoy the unique navigation mode.

Thks for your feedback


Link to the initial thread for more details about the portfolio

Previous Topic with video

Nice one, @L.M . Interesting how you came up with the navigation mode idea :clap:

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oh, thks :cherry_blossom: Lasa.

A continuous process.

An extreme simplification of what I wanted with “the slide door” of my Glide prototype.

With what device did you test my portfolio, please? I’m being reported incompatibility with tablets.
Thks, Lasa🙂

Sorry, all, I have many issues with the different screen sizes, I didn’t expect that. I thought Wix previewed Both desk/lap were ok. But it isn’t. I’ll have to resize…
Correcting in progress…

Hey @L.M. Macbook pro 14 inch

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