Lag in kanban - item click - advanced action -

I have an Add to Wishlist kanban component on my screen. I’ve set an advanced action at the item level where that item is added to a Wishlist (another form) when the user clicks on a particular item. Attached are the screenshots of the Kanban component and the custom new action.

Problem is that the screen stalls completely after I’ve added a few items. A manual data sync doesn’t seem to help either. It sort of randomly starts back again and will stall after a few more items are added. What’s happening here…what am I doing wrong and how do I fix this so there is no lag in the user experience.

Can you explain what you mean by “stall”? Do you mean the screen gets stuck and you can’t do any other things? Or there are no data changes but you can still click around?

I can scroll up and down, click on other buttons and components and those work fine. But just this part where I click on an item to add to my wishlist becomes unresponsive. Hope this helps.

Just wanted to update that I switched the layout of the component from Kanban to Cards and it is working fine. No lags and no unresponsive screen. All is well.

I would advise submitting a ticket for the original problem, if it works with another type of layout.