Label based on a choice in a editable sheet

Hello. I need to show a label based on a choice made by a user on a particular sheet.

For example, if a user chooses an item from a list in a sheet, the label shows the appropriate row data corresponding to the column where the data is kept.

Supplies Sheet
Item: (user chooses from a list) On Hand: (the corresponding row data)
Vaccum Bags 6
Boxes of Gloves 9

Any pointers in the right direction would be most appreciated.

I’m not sure what you mean but show a label.
Where in the app would the user choose the item?
Where in the app would this label show up?
Have you created the database yet or started writing the app? If so why don’t you share it. That would help us understand what you are looking for.
Sorry for all the questions but what you are asking for can be done in a multitude of ways.

Thanks for yur reply. In my spreadsheet below, I have an On Hand column in the Supplies sheet.

The Supplies Order sheet is the data I am trying to populate with a new order. The components in the app are taken from this same sheet.

When selecting from the “Item to Order” choice component…

The On Hand label does not show the data for the selected “Item To Order”.

I hope this explains my conundrum.

Create a new Column in the Supplies sheet labeled Item-OnHand. In row 2 of that column put an arrayformula Something like

=arrayformula(if(A2:A = "", "",A2:A & " (" & B2:B & " on hand)"))

I didn’t test the function fully but that should work. Then select that column for your selection. If you later need to relate to it, you may need to parse out everything but the item so maybe having something like a dash as a separator may make that easier.
Cleaning Rags - 100
Monitor Rags - 3

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This worked perfectly! Thanks so much for your help. :+1:

Just curious on other methods of achieving the same goal, should I, or others, encounter the same or similar issue?