Kudos Glide Team! Loving this!

A lot of people ask me why I love using Glide. The answer is simple. It’s because they listen to their users and make their product better!

Really loving this new publishing option tab and mostly … the first step towards versioning! Push to update rather than continuous updates! It’s great that we can now make changes on a published application and have it not interrupt users until we are ready to release.

A super important update for those developing often.

Thank you Glide for making my morning :slight_smile:


Yeah, I noticed that yesterday. Very nice :+1:

Love it as well. I have a ClickUp type Page I built for us to use internally and since it’s a live Page used by coworkers the last thing I want for them to see is a half-baked new tab or function. :slight_smile: Using Publish all the time for that Page.

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