Push / Pause

Possibly one of the most frustrating things about Glide is the inability to decide when I want to push a new version of my app. Constant updating may seem sexy at first, but once you have lots of users, you don’t want them to see your half-assed work on display, it makes a very bad impression.

Sometimes it can take a bit of time to get it working/looking the way you want and OOPS! here it is already live. It’s unheard of when it comes to any type of software/app development to have no control what so ever on when new version is being released.

I would suggest to allow us to have 2 buttons:

  • Pause:

When clicked, the app will not get updated for users, this button can then be clicked again to allow regular updates.

  • Push:

When clicked, a new version of the app is immediately released. This will allow us to see our changes and to fix issues quickly without having to wonder when’s the next update.

Thoughts? @david @Jeff_Hager


If I recall right they want to offer something like this at some point in the future, sort of an edit mode & publish for an article.


Yes, it will make a big difference !!!

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@david This would be awesome! Any updates on this feature?