Ko-fi support

Hi Guys. I would like to add a Ko-fi link to my site perhaps at the bottom of the app.

Can you tell me how I can implement any of the 3 options they have on my app.


The code below is an example.

Buy Me a Coffee at ko-fi.com



Add a column with the image in your spreadsheet. And a column with the link to your kofi profile.

In the layout editor, add an image component and get the image from the image column. Then go to the features tab of the image component and change the action to ‘open link’. Get the link from the link column.

Thanks Jamie. I think I understand… Still new to Glideapps. Everything appears to be sheet/rows driven. Are you saying I should create a new tab and add the details you mentioned. It would be great to add the donate button at the top or bottom of the app.

Yes, that would be one option - to create a Donate tab in the bottom navigation.

You can also add it to any other detail screen you create, if you want to get it in front of people’s eyes more often.

Yes it worked a treat. Is it possible to sort dates in ascending and descending order?

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Yes. Go to features in the Layout view, and select your sort criteria.