Order that data appears

I have a tab on which participants can monitor who has donated to their fundraiser. There’s probably an easy way to do this, but I’m new to Glide. Here’s what I’ve done so far.

I have columns on my attached Google Sheet for Donor 1, Donation 1, Donor 2, Donation 2, Donor 3, Donation 3, etc. I then add those fields to a basic table component. I have the columns as I described all the way to Donor 200, Donation 200.

I’d like the most recent donor and donation to appear on the TOP of the list that the participant sees, older donations further down the page.

Would I start to build my table with Donor 200 and Donation 200, then Donor 199 and Donation 199, etc, all the way down to Donor 1 and Donation 1. Or is there an easier way to put the "newest’ donor and donation information on the top of the table? (You can see in the screenshot that I have entered the Donor and Donation fields in the exact WRONG order for the most recent to appear on top.)

woah! That’s a lot of columns!

I think you might find it easier if you arrange your donations in rows, rather than columns.
You could set up a sheet with the following columns:

  • Date (donation date)
  • Donor (who donated)
  • Amount
  • User (which user it was for)

Then to extract the donations for any given user, you can create a relation back to your users sheet.
And getting the donations with the most recent appearing first is just a matter of ordering by date.

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You’re right. I’m sure there’s any easier way. I probably said that wrong in the earlier post. I do have the info organized in rows. See screenshot of Google Sheet.

How do I “create a relation back to my users sheet”? How do I delete a column?

Thank you for helping me.

No, you have your sheet the wrong way around. What you need is one row for each donation, with just those few columns that I mentioned above. Maybe get that set up correctly first, then we can move to the next step :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you. Is this right (screenshot)? I created a new table, called it Donations and added columns for date, donor, amount and user.

Yes, now you’re on the right track.
The User column in that sheet will need to link back to your Golfers sheet.
So assuming that your Golfers sheet contains an email address column, then you will need to put their email address in that column. (NB. If I was doing this, I’d probably have a RowID column in my Golfers sheet, and use that in preference to email address)

Okay. Got that done.

Okay, so when you want to record a new donation, you’ll need to create a form that will add a row to your donations sheet. That form will most likely need the following input components:

To link donations to golfers, you’ll need to create a multi-relation column from your Golfers sheet to your donations sheet. Assuming that you’re using email address in both sheets, then that’s what you use to create the relation.

To get a total of all donations for each golfer, create a rollup column in your golfers table, through the relation that you created. This rollup should do a sum of the donation amounts.

Give all that a try…

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Just so I’m going down the right path. I want to be the only one who is entering donation information. I don’t want users to see or have access to this form.

Yes, that’s fine.

A couple of questions:

  • Is this a paid app? If yes, which plan?
  • Do you have User Profiles enabled?

There will be different options available, depending on which plan your app is using.

But in terms of “hiding” the donation entry form, what you’ll most likely end up with is a an “Add Donation” button (or a separate tab) that is only visible to you (see Component Visibility and Tab Visibility)

I have upgraded to the Pro App.

I don’t think I have user profiles per say. I have some data on my Golfer’s sheet (name, email, cell).

Do I need to create a form or can I just enter data on the Donations sheet each time we receive a donation (date, donor, amount) and tie it to the golfer by their email?

Private Pro, or just normal Pro?

  • You should enable User Profiles. Just follow the instructions.
  • I see that you have multiple columns set as Row Owner in your Golfers sheet. That isn’t necessary. I’d remove that on all but the email column.

Yes, you could do that. But it kinda defeats the purpose of making an app :wink:

basic Pro. I have removed row owners for everything but email column.

I guess I was thinking either I enter data in a form or enter into sheet. Same data, same amount of time to do entering.

I’ll watch the User Profiles video. I’m probably signing off for a while. Thank you for your help.

One last thing. How do I delete a column?

If it’s a Spreadsheet column, just delete it in the Spreadsheet and Glide will detect the change the next time it syncs.

If it’s in a Glide Table (or is a computed column), you can delete from the Glide Data Editor (click the column header)