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Hello everyone,

I would like to know how I can find out where the traffic is coming from to my glide app. By not being able to put UTMs in the link and not being able to analyze it from Analytics, do you know of any other tool that allows me to know? If it can be with a free account to start better.

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@RoundRoute upgrade to pro account for analytics

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I second @Rosewebstudio.

Basic analytics: Available for free apps. See the number of users for each of your apps in your Glide dashboard. To understand this metric exactly, see Glide resources or search here in the forum.

Advanced analytics: Available for pro/paid apps. Tracking with Google Analytics.

Thank you very much for the answers.

What happens is that I would like to know if the traffic of the app is directed from my campaigns on Facebook or Google Ads or from offline campaigns that I am going to carry out. Currently, since I cannot use UTMs because they are covered by Glide, that traffic is given to me as a reference or social. By giving it to me in this way, I can not clearly know, for example, if that social is related to the Facebook ads or to the post that I have published on any of the social networks.

This is what I mean when I comment on knowing the traffic. Do you know of any tool that can give me this data by integrating it with glide?

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Hi @roundRoute in analytics I am able to see whether users are coming from instagram, facebook, or directly by opening my app. Not sure, but maybe you need to poke around a little bit more with Google Analytics. Hope this helps.

hello, how does this work exactly ?

sorry im new to GA

is it possible to grab user email id?
whenever a user login to my app, so i get to know who and when they logged in