How to track traffic (not a Pro app)

How I can track the traffic of my glideapp if I want to know the traffic who visited my glideapp if I am not pro

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You can integrate the app with Google Analytics.

If your app is not a pro app, then in your Glide dashboard below the name of your app, you will see a counter indicating the number of unique devices.

How does Glide count the number of users of my app?
The number of app users displayed on your dashboard is the number of unique devices that have visited your app. If one person opens your app on their laptop, and on their phone, that would count as 2 users in this context, regardless of whether they log in and use your app.

You can use service, share your apps through link

But what if they have my app from earlier. I mean if I will add to but they have already my app.

As far as I know, you have two options for your app analytics:

  1. the number of users in the Glide dashboard (one metric is better than none)
  2. and Google Analytics (pro feature).