Join the Alpha program for Actions 2.0

Hello, Glide community! The team is excited to announce that our Alpha program for Actions 2.0 is expected to launch early next week.

What is Actions 2.0? If you joined our Glide Year in Review last December, you might remember that our focus this year is making Glide apps more powerful. One area of the product that will be supercharged is Actions. Participants in the Alpha program will be the first to access [1] a new Actions Editor, [2] Reusable saved actions, and [3] Integrations.

If you’re interested in participating, :heart: like this post, and I will DM you with more information!


We’re still looking for more particpants, so please message this thread if you’re interested!

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I’m very interested!

Regards, Ronald


I’m in !

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I’m interested.

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I’m very interested to try it !

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I’m interested and just discovered this thread

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