Items selection


I would like to know how to enable item selection by a user.

Expl: A user likes an article that he has put as favorite or not and we would like to see them outside of the favorite table to do a collection.

Is that possible?


Definitely! If you’re wanting to display both favorites list & entire list on same screen, you’ll want to use a Details layout (see the Layout options on right side of the Builder screen). Lf you’d like to display their favorites list on an entirely different screen, you’d want to apply a filter (located under “Options” on right side of builder screen) on either an online list or the screen itself. See documentation here!

Thank you very much @MegannLock. this displays the selection but when I’m into it I can only see one item :expressionless:

Relations are way harder than I thought :slightly_frowning_face:

You could actually accomplish this without relations as long as you’re using “user-specific” columns or the “is favorited” column to store their favorites. Can you tell me a bit about how you’re wanting it set up? Showing favorites list on a diff screen or on same screen as “all” list?


I think with a diagram it will be easier to understand.
When I use “user-specific” columns I have no information displayed.

I just want the article selected to be displayed in different areas ( 2 to be exact).

Oh!! Okay. If you’re wanting selections and articles to be user-specific, you’ll need to use supporting columns (marked user specific) to store their “selections”. Try using a custom action on the selection list to “set column value” (column would be the user-specific columns) > “show detail screen”. Then you can use those filtering options and display their selections as an inline list on any other screen in the app.

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