Item added from add screen adding two rows

Hi, I need help for following topics:

  1. I have built an app for quick recipe & allowed the users to add new recipe from add scree of app itself. Now, if anyone is adding recipe, it is creating two rows for same item. How to avoid this?

  2. How to create single tap exit button for app? As from mobile back button it takes one step back & not directly exit.

Do you have an onSubmit action that adds a new row?
If yes, remove it. It isn’t required. A new row is already added when the form is submitted. That’s the purpose of an Add Form.

Sounds like you are running the App in a browser, and haven’t actually installed it on your mobile device?

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It worked. Thank you @Darren_Murphy

Hi @Darren_Murphy ,
I have installed app on two mobiles & having same problem.
On taping mobile back button it takes only one step back. so to exit by back button we need to go back to every page we had open earlier. Note:I am using android mobile.
Thanks in advance.

I’m not an android user, but I understand that it has a system back button that is accessible when a PWA (Glide App) is running. I don’t believe that Glide has any control over the behaviour of that button.

Glide doesn’t have any function for closing an app, as this is a system level function which a Glide App wouldn’t have access to. To close a Glide App, you should do whatever you do to close a native App. On IOS, that’s a swipe up from the bottom of the screen. I don’t know what the equivalent is on android - maybe the same?


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