Issues with JSON objects (Unexpected "\" values)

Team ID: rD1WrjVY4yzCvMb0tDHy

App ID: hr55OjresfjJIrjJnSCD


  • Hi Glide! Looking for some help when creating a JSON object from an array column. It looks like I am getting some unexpected " \ " values

How to replicate

  • Create an array out of a “multiple files” column.
  • Use that array to create a JSON object.
  • You will get a similar result as the screenshot above.

I have heard that this is a known bug (@Robert_Petitto) that was resolved, but it seems like it is happening again?

Thanks so much!!

This seems to be the source of the problem. How did you create the “array” out of a multiple files column, which is already an array itself?