Issues with Basic Table padding and titles

hi guys,
is there anyway on basic tables to (red arrow is where i am talking about):
-change the titles to rich text (add black background with white bold lettering)
-Reduce the padding above and below the basic table.

The titles are the same size as the wording in the table. That combined with the spacing being too high up, it just visually throws off the spacing of the app. It almost just looks like a bolded plain text component was added between two other components.

I’m attaching another pic from someone else who posted in '21. See how the title “Result” looks spaced incorrectly? I know you could technically add more padding above between the other element, but then there is this weird feeling while scrolling that there is too much spacing between all the elements (if you use a lot of basic tables in that screen).

The only way here is using CSS.

You can target the title element of the basic table and change the font style, plus the background.

You can target the top-level basic table element and reduce its padding.

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ok great. I guess i will wait a little bit until these new changes that might affect CSS take place.

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