CSS: Make the last row in a Basic Table BOLD


[data-test="app-simple-table"] .sts-row:last-of-type  {
font-weight: bold;

Hello, Robert!
Great feature, thank you!
But where in a table data i should write this text?
Or this text should be placed into the Cell\Column in a Sheet?
Should there be exact the same text as you mentioned above?

Include it in a rich text component.


What do i wrong?

You have put the code into the basic table itself.

CSS needs a special Glide trick!

You need to add an EXTRA rich text component anywhere on your screen, and put the CSS into the rich text field. This will automatically change the screen.

Hope this helps!

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Great! Thank you very much, Mark! It’s work)

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Yea, thank you very much, Robert! I did it)

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:slight_smile: and thanks @Robert_Petitto - I’m using it too!

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I added this CSS to my shortlist of favorites because I’m constantly using a basic table to display parts to the whole. Often, I’ll just a add a right-aligned, Header2 text underneath the basic table, but then you lose the two-column context.

Can I center the table title?

Yes, you can center the table title by using CSS to apply the text-align: center; property to the title element or its containing div. This will align the text in the center of the table.