Issue with apps today?

Ok, if we can see here, i’m trying this using DATE component ya.

i put
Start Date : 20/5
End Date : 25/5
Mob Date : 19/5
Demob Date : 26/5

but in Google Sheet showing

Start Date : 18/5
End Date : 18/5
Mob Date : 19/5
Demob Date : 26/5


I think this issue back to this thread :

Can you provide a screen shot of the start and end date of the Fleet table in your Glide?

i think today looks okay.
What u guys did ? and what am i suppose to do if this things happen again? Down for 2 days, and suddenly ok.

Eh wait, no

I put start date and end date 18/5 and 16/6 respectively,

But it still turn up different , 20/5 and 25/5

Here you go

Aren’t 5/20 and 5/25 in the range of 5/18 and 6/16? Or is your start and end date to look for demob days?