Is THIS form of data presentation possible?

Hi no-code friends!
I’m starting in the no-code world, I have a nice project to learn and after a few days of searching, I see glide fits perfectly in “my way of thinking”… I like it.

Is it possible to build something like the above screenshot, a table with many fields with advanced filters? Styling doesn’t matter; it can look a little bit different, but I have to show the parameters of filtered tools to compare them. I don’t like clicking on a row and opening a new page with details… ANd sadly but it looks that datagrid is not for me - at the end this solution looks poor :wink:

I don’t detailed steps now, just please tell me: “yes you can do it” or “no to difficult”

Thanks in advance
and snowy regards from Poland :slight_smile:

Yes you could do it (that many fields wide you probably need html in a custom collection)

I see one thing that may not be possible… the slider in the top right. I’m interested to hear if someone can build a slider :wink:

Warm regards from Florida :desert_island:

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Hi Eric!
Thank you for your answer! I made it (more/less) with custom collections, using containers. Works perfectly, looks little bit different - but I’m very glad!

You can take a look here: Expanders Selector
It is still under development - but the main collection is ready!

Slider doesn’t matter :slight_smile: number input is OK!