Is there any way to show an info section/text in the whitespace here?

Hello all, first post here :slight_smile: I am trying to create a judging app for a competition and am trying to have some sort of information section on the page to show users what to select/do next. I’m trying to have some text/info in the whitespace seen in the image OR have some sort of link right on the main page so that all users will have a quick access/link to the info right on the main page and not have to go to a different tab.

What are your suggesstions as to what I should do? Am open to anything.

Thank you in advance!

The two column view like you are showing for tablet/desktop views only happens when your tab is using one of the list style layouts. If you select a list item on the left, then it shows the corresponding details on the right. You can change your tab to a Details style view with an inline list, which will give you a single column view in the center of the screen.

The problem is that your current view is waiting for you to select a list item to view it’s details. Currently, the tablet/desktop layouts are pretty limited as far as design. There are there moreso to give a slightly better experience when when viewing a phone focused app on a larger screen.

Thanks for the reply! Unfortunate I can’t change the view to a details because it’s really important to have that sort of view set up for ease of use… Any other suggestions you might have? :slight_smile:

I was thinking: a tab with all the info on the bottom navigation view or on menu bar OR have the first card in the list to be an info section.