Is there any way to bookmark it?

I want to bookmark while reading the text in the app.
Is there any way to bookmark it?

Whole text or part of it?

Read the whole and bookmark it on the table of contents. I read and bookmark parts of it, either way is fine. Is it possible?

How do you display text? Inline list or text component or rich text?

It is composed of rich text in inline list.

add a custom action to inline list to set column with user email and other with the current date/time value… later you can filter it out by user or time

It is easy to understand, but if you show it with an image or video, it will be easy to understand. Is it possible?

each inline list have a option at the bottom to choose action, just click on that and select set columns, i cant check on your app, because is in Chinese

Is it set column in action?

yes, if it is your firs time to do it, i will recommend to open testing app and experiment with it first, because this might ruin your data if you dont have experience

I’m trying to set it to date/time and click it to change it to date/time. Will the date/time be shown in the table of contents?

it will sow in glide table or google sheet, to show in the App, you need to add component with these values