Is there an IF ODD in Glide Sheets

I am aware of a google sheets formula that will determine if a number is ODD.

But is there a way in the Glide Sheets? Somehow using the Math or the If:Then?

I am trying something out, but the lag is too long going back to the sheet.

Use a math column to divide the number by 2, floor it, then multiply by 2.


Then create an IF to compare the original number column to the new math column. If the numbers match, it’s EVEN. If they don’t match, it’s ODD.


Jeff…is there a way to just auto-bookmark all of your replies? I swear I learn something new from you every day! This is genius!


Thanks, Here is what I am thinking and it works for me.
Built this concept app just for showing that I am doing.
Try it out.

Using @Jeff_Hager 's floor method of checking if a number is even or odd:

The LIKE Count is how many times the image has been clicked.
The FLOOR is a Math column described that returns a number.
Then the IF:Odd column checks if there is a match.


If it DOES NOT match the Like Counter is ODD, which means the image was clicked an ODD number of times. Which means the user wants to LIKE it (starting with 1)
If it DOES match, the Like Counter is EVEN, which means the image was clicked an EVEN number of times, Which means the user does not want to like it. (starting with 2, or not clicking at all)


I really did not think there was a way (never heard of the floor method) - but decided to ask anyway.
Now I have learned something and had fun!
(Don’t you love when your kids say the above phrases @Robert_Petitto ?)


You could also use mod(COLUMN,2). The result will be 0 (even) or 1(odd)


This is great. thank you both

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yah, I often use MOD() in combination with a column that’s used as a toggle switch

It works wonder in my attendance taking app: