Is there an easier way to save screen configurations as templates?

Actually, you already have a relation in place that gives you a list of all Guests registered for each event, yes?

With that, you should be able to simply do a Rollup through that relation, counting the “trues”.

I think I may have given you a bum steer with the template idea, as I don’t think you need it.

Thank you for the reply Darren! I was able to configure a list of guests registered (via your helpful instructions), the thing is the way that is set up it counts each guest name as one unique person/guest. Thus the count was happening within Glide, but was only counting the checked-in names, whereas the goal would be to reference the checked in names, but count the guests per name.

For instance Franklin Smith may have 3 in his party; Delores Miller would have 2 in hers; the count for checked-in should = 5. The current configuration counts the guests based on the person name (who made the booking), so the count is only unique guests, 2 instead of 5.

It may be that this additional column reference (If checked-in column = TRUE AND EventID = XYZ, Count column “Number of Guests”) is not possible within Glide.

It’s not a major issue if this cannot be accomplished – the benefits are as you mentioned above in comment #15 above, quicker counting within Glide rather than the delayed sync through Google Sheets. However if it can be accomplished within Glide, then that would be phenomenal!

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Sorry I haven’t followed this thread closely, but with what you described above, I’m assuming you have an additional Sheet where you store who is in which parties? (for the part Franklin Smith has 3 in his party)


Same as @ThinhDinh, I haven’t followed too closely, but if you have counts, you should be able to rollup sum the counts through the relation if each row has to total number in the party.


Thank you for the reply! If I understand your question properly about a separate sheet…well I’ll answer it this way: Currently all data is consolidated into two sheet: Events and Guests.

Regarding the additional sheet for storing who is in which parties, the short answer is no. Basically within the Guests sheet I do have a column which provides a total party count for those guests (if checked-in = true). The issue is with the party number per guest: only the individual who purchased the event ticket will have an entry for “Guest Name” – so while an event may have 10 unique bookings, the event may have 11, 15, 30, 100, etc number of total attendees.

To sum, not every attendee will have a unique guest name, but every attendee will be accounted for by being associated with the “lead booking” person.

So basically within the Guests sheet I was able to create an If/Then column which displays total guest count per booking party (if that party is checked in). However, not certain how to relate that data to the Events tab to display for each respective event.

Thank you Jeff! That may be where my holdup remains. I was able to get a Rollup count, but haven’t yet been able to connect to the column which displays the count of checked-in guests per booking party.

The trick here is to create a key in each table that can be used to build a relation that filters the data to get at what you need. Here is how you do it:

  • In your Guests table, create a template column that concatenates the Event Code and the Confirmed boolean. Something like this:
  • In your Events table, you’ll need 3 columns:
    • A template column to complement the similar column in the Guests table. This one will contain the Event Code, concatenated with the word true:
    • A (multi) relation column, joining the two template columns
      Screen Shot 2021-05-15 at 10.42.15 AM
    • And finally a rollup column, taking the Sum of the number of guests, via that relation.
      Screen Shot 2021-05-15 at 10.42.26 AM

The end result will be something like this:


Darren, you nailed it, absolutely amazing!! Seriously…wow, above and beyond.

I can’t thank you enough!!