Is there an arrayformula alternative in Appglide Data?

Hi all,

I have the following problem:

On the app I am working on, there is a list of stones :mountain: with 5 parameters for each one.
Granit Stone:

  1. hard, 2. not crumbling, 3. not sparkling, 4. no pulp 5. white/reddish color

I collect user specific data input for each stone with its 5 different parameters based on the student impression.
In parallel, I have in google sheet an arrayformula for the 5 correct parameters characterizing each stone.
I want to compare (probably with an if condition) the arrayformula of each stone to the input from the student and see whether the student impressions fits the actual stone characteristics. The problem is that I don’t know how to create an arrayformula within the data table of appglide, based on the 5 parameters user-specific input. These user specific data don’t appear in the googlesheet, but only in appglide data. Do you have any idea on how I can overcome this so i can do the comparison within Gsheet only or appglide only or even combining both?


You can create a series of If Then columns to check each condition and return true or false. Then you can create a final if then column to compare all the true false values and return a final result. It will probably require several columns instead of a single one in your case.

Thanks @Jeff_Hager.

The thing is I need a nested IF and I didn’t find the way to aggregate all the if conditions so I can finally end up with 2 cells that I am comparing with the “if -then-else glideapps column”.
How would you compare all the true false multiple values of a row in appglide?

I may have to produce somehow a comparison within glideapps data that says:

If (user-specific-column.stone_color AND user-specific-column.stone_hardness AND user-specific-column.stone_pulpiness etc…) is equal to (stone_color AND stone_hardness AND stone_pulpiness etc…) then its TRUE.

but how?

OK, you may not need the multiple if then columns, but you can do multiple if’s in one column. You just need to structure it a little different. Do each compare checking if each condition does but match. If it does not, then return false. The first non match will return False. If everything matches, then it returns True. Like this:

If you wanted to do a compare like this, you can easily do this with template columns and then compare the two template columns.


Thanks a lot Jeff.
Finally I made an IF column for each parameter in order to translate it to binaric 0 or 1 according to the answer correctness and then added a math column which summed all these binaric new IF columns. I had also a summary IF column checking whether the result in the math column equals 5 (for the 5 parameters) then TRUE, otherwise FALSE. Now that I read again your answer, it seems much shorter. Have to try it.