Is there a way to back up my app and data

Is there a way to back up my app and data? Also, is there a way to incorporate versioning into the app (have the existing active app available to the users while working on the next version??)

You can always create duplicates of the app whenever you want to version the app!

No full versioning, but this allows you to update your app and publish the changes when ready.

For backing up data, I have an app that’s based on google sheets, so what I have is a google script that’s triggered to run weekly and create a backup of my google sheet. For glide tables, your only options are to duplicate your app and data, or periodically do a data export.

Hi, Thank you.

This would force my users to download a NEW app. I don’t want to do that.

Thank you. I guess I have to upgrade to use Publishing Control. Worth the price of admission. There also needs to be a way though to back up the data and the app…

Yeah, duplicating the app is the easiest way. You can create duplicates using the same tables, or duplicates that also duplicate the data. It all depends on your preference and how much you will be manipulating the data columns. Just keep in mind with publishing control as well as with working with duplicate app that share data with the original app…the data is still live and if you start changing existing columns, then you need to make sure those changes are still compatible with the live published app.

This shouldn’t be a problem if you swap the urls between the original app and the duplicate app.


Ahhhh… OK, thanks!

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