Is no-code a skill or anyone can do it

I know anyone doing it is the point of no-code, but can someone take this up alone as a career? I had a friend of mine telling me today that anyone can do this unlike an MBA where there’s more value? Do you guys agree?

Ok let’s go, many points in one topic.

First of all we need to understand what No-Code is.

What is code?

I searched in the dictionary made by our “no-coder” friend @darren

Oh, so better, what is “coder”?


Well, so being a coder is not so much a skill as a combination of skills.

No-code is a subjective and not an adjective. So, we can’t say “I’m more no-coder than you!”. Fact.

Therefore, no-code is not a skill, but a combination of skills using tools that do not need code to develop from apps, websites, API, integrations, etc.

Take me as an example. I’m Brazilian, I’m 27 years old, technical background in Mechanics, no college degree, I’ve always loved processes, design, sales and marketing. I’ve always read books, taken online courses, but I’ve never immersed myself in an MBA or college to “differentiate” even in what I do today. In fact, all the knowledge - or combination of skills, mentioned above - is nothing more or less what will differentiate you from people who “can do the same”.

Two very strong fuels and the biggest differentials of all when we compare thousands of people is Determination and Consistency. And my friend, this is not all that will have.

I have the streets and the outdoors to run every day if I wanted to. Not really, I’m the best runner ever. on the contrary lol

So I just summarize this topic in the phrase

What everyone can do, only a few achieve success.


I have the streets and the outdoors to run every day if I wanted to. Not really, I’m the best runner ever. on the contrary lol

Superb :blush:

Just a quick question :grin:
Lucas how many medals do you have now? :smiley:


None :rofl:

But I have also made and had trained circus. And yes, circus! I loved it, I was the trapeze guy! :circus_tent:

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@Lucas_Pires :100::white_check_mark::tada: So well said!

The methods of creating software are getting easier, but you still need to know how to put them together to achieve your desired outcome.


Thank you buddy! :blush:

Exactly. That’s why, even today I owning a no-code agency, we have our project development process too!


lol I loved your story Lucas, didn’t care much about the code - no-code discussion. Just read about you and your story, love it :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: So many different types of people here :slight_smile:


No-code is not a skill, and anyone can do it.


Thank you Pablo! That was a little bit more about me :relaxed:


This is very well said. Thanks for sharing your story.

I’m Vietnamese, 24 years old, graduated just 2 years ago with a Logistics & Supply Chain degree. I never thought this will be my career path, but here we are. So firstly, I believe anyone can take up a challenge to be a developer in the no-code world.

However, it’s not a straight path to where it is now, it is hours and hours of learning through projects, talking to clients, help any people in this community to broaden my view and knowledge. As Lucas said, determination and consistency will get you a long way. Kindness as well, being humble as well, in my opinion, to learn more everyday.


Well I have an MBA (from 1987!) and believe me, this is much more fun. I did have one undergrad Fortran class where we punched cards and waited for printouts :zzz: … ancient history and a “coder” I am not. But I did spawn one :wink:


The ‘skill’, if there is one, is in having the vision for an idea and then being able to cobble together various tools to realise that vision and hopefully solve a problem.

I’m told I have a ‘talent’ for this.

But I’m not always particularly skilful in my execution.

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Google tells me that the definition of skill is:

Screen Shot 2021-10-22 at 7.44.31 PM

I think the original question is poorly formed.
Firstly, “Is no-code a skill” suggests that no-code is something that you do. An activity. Like swimming, or surfing, or mountain climbing. All of these activities, like any almost activity, take skill. But no-code is not an activity, it’s a thing. A tool. So referring to no-code as a skill makes no sense.

I think a better question would be “Does it take skill to build good no-code apps?”

And I would argue that the answer is yes. Otherwise why would we even bother having Glide Experts?
But the good news is that it is a learned skill, and just about anyone can learn it.


I would say that the basic skills are learnable, but the better answer would be that the ability to think logically and enjoy problem-solving is more of an individual’s “natural” talent or expertise. While coding can be learned, as @Lucas_Pires inferred, an enjoyment of the process is a big factor in the success or frustration of a student.


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