Is it possible to use Glide data grid with python

Just wondering if it is possible to use Glide data grid with python.
Haven’t found any articles. Please suggest.

Hi, Sai

Nowaday is only available to create with the sources below

  • Glide Table
  • Google Sheets
  • Excel
  • Airtable

or Import from:

  • XLSX
  • CSV
  • ODS files

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Are you looking to get the data from Glide table into a python program? Would it be a web python or a python program running on a PC? I am very interested in this as well.

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I don’t know a lot about Python or React, but it looks like the Glide Data Grid is written in React. If you can use React with Python then yes.

The only reason I am posting here is because I remembered seeing this link:

Glide Data Grid on Git

Another link about the Data Grid