Is it possible to shuffle a list of questions weekly?

If i’m trying to make users see a new question from my list of questions randomly every Sunday is that possible? I do know there’s a shuffle feature but can i make the shuffle weekly?

Are they just seeing 1 question each week?

You could manually assign a number to each question → 1,2,3...52.
Then get the current week number from a math column → weeknum(now).
Then filter an inline list or use a relation to get the question of the week → Week Number = Question Number.


Should the random item be able to repeat? If not, this is how I would set it up:

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yes just seeing one question a week. Would it be random though or just go in order?

If you go the @Darren_Alderman way then it will go in the order you set.

If you use random, there’s a possibility that you will have a duplicate question from different weeks. How do you want to handle that part?

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