Is it possible to make a reset button?

I am building a kind of stock portfolio where users will record their holding positions and quite a bit of information and then using those information lots of things will be calculated.

Anyway this app has email column in every table.

Is there a way to delete all of the current user’s rows when he she clicks a reset button?

Hmmm I mean only deleting certain rows in many tables regarding the current user. also its not me but the user who will click the ‘reset’ button. Its resetting their porfolio not deleting their account


Try to create a multiple relation based on your user name/email then create an action by using Delete Row option with that relation. This should be enough to get what you want to.




Thank you. I will try that

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I don’t know if it’s a bug but when I tried your method, the delete icon itself disappears from the screen?

Are you using an APP or Page?

Test it working with a Page and let us to know the result: a bug or not


Hi, when I create custom action, I could do what you mentioned.

Thank you!

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