Is it possible to have dropdown menus and default values in the data grid?

As the question implies, I would love to have a data grid for my users, but still with some of the same features as a collection. Instead of having a completely open Data Grid where you can enter values that are not supposed to be valid.

Say I want a lookup field, where I can only add values from another table. It is very easy to do with a choice component. But in the Data Grid it will just act as a string where I can enter anything I’d like, but I only want, say “Fruits”, “Veggies” and “Legumes”.

Also in text and number entries there is typically a default value, which would also be very useful in a data grid.

Are there any ways of doing this now, or is that a feature that might come in a future update?

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Not possible at the moment.
Maybe in the future, we’ll see.

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Fair enough, would be much appreciated :pray:

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