Is it possible to have conditional Choice dropdowns?

I am developing an app that requires different dropdown choices for a category field depending on the value of another field.

Both the category and the source field will be dynamic, so I can’t just set up some tables in sheets.

I have used unique() to get the list of unique categories, but of course, when I use that list in the category Choice field, it shows all of them, not just the relevant ones.

I have looked at the Categories & Sub Categories video and got that concept to work (using relations), but he doesn’t show if the same concept works when you come to Choices.

Is there any way using relations or some google sheet formulas to make this happen?


Would this be on an add/edit screen, or a detail view screen? It looks like you can build a choice component off of a multi-relation column. In view mode you could potentially have your source field set a column value that is used for a relation and the result of that relation would be what is shown in the choice component. In Add/Edit mode, I’m not having the same luck because the source field doesn’t update the sheet instantly and thus doesn’t update the relation for the choice component.

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