Is it possible to create a front page like this in pages


I need a front page like this and i need to show diffferent things in front page in pages sidewise .


If you break down the screenshot you shared into three main sections, you’ll see there are parts you can achieve with Glide (Pages), others not.

1st section: navigation

  • In Pages you can set your navigation menu to be horizontal at the top (in the settings of your project).
  • Personalized button that probably opens a layer: not possible.
  • Drop down menu: not possible
  • Icon/list layout setting: not possible

2nd section: the block “Lewis Hamilton + Cricket + Weather”

  • In Pages this would be a container.
  • Their are three columns whose dimensions would be 2:1:1. I don’t think this is available yet in Pages.

3nd section: the block “Clothing + … + … + Stock”

  • In Pages this would be a 1:1:1:1 container, which is possible.

As for the components themselves in the columns

  • Many are variants of a card, grid or list collections (inline lists). I think you can get pretty close to your screenshot.
  • As for the weather and stock widgets, I’m not too sure how you would easily go about achieving something so tidy.

I just want a design like this with my own things to be displayed like this.may be a shop with different categories of products with advertisement and other things like this.

Nathanael has given a pretty detailed instruction of what can not be done and what can be done. What I would advise is you try to do it yourself and ask us if you run into any other problems, instead of asking for further instructions and/or videos as you have done in many other threads. You will understand it better when you try to do it yourself, I believe.


I’m not sure using these things before.I worked in developing apps with the help of you not a type of learner who learns by text ,i just learns by watching things in video.Thats y i always asked videos.Robert and Darren helps me a lot with videos.Its about your choice to provide videos or not,but it’s my choice to ask may helpful to me and someone comes new here.

If you have time ,you can do it,I’m not forcing you to do it for me.

Sorry if you have troubled you.

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