Is it possible to automate the deletion of data in a column?

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I’m new to Glide and I work for a non-profit association in France (I’m sorry if my english isn’t good). We propose activites like dancing, drawing, aerobics, etc.

I’m currently making an app that lets our members register each week for specific activities (the activites won’t change, and neither will the date and time). My question is: is there a way to automate the deletion of data in a column, so it can be reset for the following week ?

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Alexandre Cuny

If I were u, I would rather automate creating new records (same activity with different dates) and set a content filter in Glide by ‘This week’ date.

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Maybe this thread will help here!


Maybe we need to know better about your data structure here. How are you recording the “registration” of a user for an event? Is it a new row in another table or something else?

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I’ll answer in English but feel free to switch over to French.

Automatically deleting data from a table

  • No, you cannot automate the deletion of data in a Glide Table.
  • No, you cannot automate the deletion of data from any table (Google Sheets for instance) natively in Glide. You could write (or find) a script in AppScript in Google Sheets, but this would not be a native function in Glide and this would not be nocode. Basically, this can be done, but only outside the Glide ecosystem.
  • Deleting data is an action. As of now, actions in Glide are triggered by a user, they cannot be time-triggered (for example “Perform this action daily at midnight”).
  • See Jeff’s method in the thread shared above to simulate automatic deletion, by having a user action perform the action you need without the user knowing (such as deleting data).

Curious. Does Glide offer a way for a signed in user to sign-out and be forgotten permanently. For example, their email address permanently deleted at the request of the user? What happens when the user opts to sign-out? Is their row in the users sheet deleted?

Just wondering if this is an example of a user triggered event that deletes data in a Glide Table. Albeit, not very useful in the context of this thread.

No. The only way to do this would be via some external integration. And even then, any user specific data associated with that user would still be stored internally within Glide. And the only way to get rid of that is via the builder (Settings->Data->Delete User Data). It might eventually be purged when a User Profile row no longer exists, but I don’t know if that is the case or not, so I wouldn’t rely on it.


Hi, you can use “sheet automation” add-on to automate task on your sheeet

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Hi, sorry for the late response. Yes, but automation would still be a problem.

Sorry for the very late response… that would work, but it would mean that I’d have to manually input the date of every course in the entire year every time, which defeats the purpose (if I understood it well ?)

Hi, sorry for the very late answer. Yes, the choices are stored in another table (currently a google sheet, to try and use Apps Script to automate it).

@nathanaelb Thank you for your suggestions ! Jeff’s method still needs someone to input a date every time the data needs to be reset (and I need to do it every week). It seems too hard to apply it to my case.

@Thibault Hi, I didn’t find the “sheet automation” add-on. Where can I find it ?

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If you need some help with this please tell us.

Hi, thanks ! Well, I prefered to use the glide tables to limit registration to the courses we propose. I tried to find a way to separate the data related to registration from the data related to the registration limit, but I couldn’t (I couldn’t keep all my data on my google sheet, because visibility conditions didn’t work with it). I’m still looking for a way to “automate” it, but I’m kinda short on ideas. All I wanted was for the courses to repeat each week, I didn’t think it would be that complicated, haha

Regarding your issue with google sheets and visibility, I just posted a response to that thread.

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